We believe in rooting our research in human-centred design and community knowledge. We dive deep into a problem to answer critical questions, uncover meaningful insights, and turn insights into action.

By starting with the ‘why’ and thinking through broad questions, we can take on anything from social research to brand audits. We use a range of proven processes, from design sprints to co-creation workshops, to help our clients uncover answers to challenging problems. As you embark on a new challenge, we will work with you to define a clear roadmap, design an intuitive experience, and establish solutions for both short-term advantages and long-term success.

We uncover social, cultural and behavioural insights, looking inside and out.

Design Sprints

We use Google Ventures’ battle-tested process to design a great experience, answer a critical business question, or even launch an MVP — in days, rather than months.

Co-creation Workshops

We facilitate co-creation workshops to bring your team—with all its amazing expertise and ideas—directly into the design process with structured discussion and ideation.

Journey Mapping

We conduct journey mapping exercises to envision the process that your user takes to reach a goal, allowing us to improve and streamline that process through targeted interventions.

Community Dialogue

Our researchers are experts at tapping into ground knowledge and revealing undiscovered insights through deep discourse, spirited debate, and open community dialogue.

Brand & Content Audits

We delve into your brand to assess how your organization is actually doing — your position in your industry, strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement.

Testing & Usability

Our testing process for digital sites or products helps identify the things that you think are easy and obvious, but just aren’t. We help you move past these flaws to improve your user experience.

Audience & Competitor Insights

No matter your industry, we understand your users. Our process dives into what your audience wants, how you compare to the rest of the flock, and what you can do to differentiate your brand.

DrawHistory’s approach to Research

Guided by our methodology

We’ve honed our research methodologies with hundreds of collaborations over the last half decade, tackling everything from violent extremism to racial discrimination. We’ll delve deep into the problem you’re facing, but always with the utmost care and compassion for the communities you work with.

Collaborative workshops

To figure out where you are today, where you want to go in the future, and what you need to do to get there, we’ll facilitate collaborative, in-depth conversations with your team, stakeholders, and/or communities.

In-depth 1:1 interviews

To dig deep into your problem and generate real insights and perspective, we’ll facilitate in-depth 1:1 interviews with relevant stakeholders or communities.

Insights synthesis and feedback loops

As storytellers at heart, we’ll transform even the most detailed insights, results, and data into a cohesive narrative for your team. We’ll then continuously hone the outcome with collaborative feedback until you have exactly what you need to move your work forward.

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